Integrated Unattended Ground Sensors (I-UGS)


ARA is currently outfitting established security integrators with I-UGS demonstration kits for use and testing with their clients.

I-UGS (Integrated Unattended Ground Sensors) are low-cost seismic sensors that are easily emplaced to provide perimeter security early warning and intruder alerts from miles away. This new version of our military fielded E-UGS model has been designed for private security use and is perpetually powered for commercial applications.

Contact us today to add I-UGS to your security offerings.

intrusion detection sensors

Add I-UGS to your security offerings to deliver new perimeter protection options to your clients.

The sensor can be placed to provide constant activity monitoring of soft spots or known hot spots in both commercial or military applications. I-UGS send alerts of activity to guard posts and/or cue defensive lighting at the point of alert.


I-UGS works on a proprietary closed network, transmitting key alarms from the sensor to the control station over distances far in excess of any other unattended ground sensor available today.

It does not use repeaters or expensive, complicated mesh networks.

The I-UGS ground control station, which pinpoints emplaced sensors, weighs less than 10 pounds and can easily fit on a field table or inside an assault pack. Or install our software on your desired computer.

The software algorithms provide:

  • Discrimination of human and vehicular contacts to minimize false alarms
  • Anti-tamper alerts if the sensor is disturbed. 
I-UGS self-report twice daily to the ground control station. Only “live” I-UGS show on the map.


ARA is in full rate production and can accommodate rapid initial delivery of new orders within 90 days. I-UGS is subject to International Traffic and Arms Regulations (ITAR), requiring a U.S. Department of State license to export.


The I-UGS system is new to the marketplace. Never before have non-military customers had the chance to capitalize on the ease of use these seismic sensors can provide in security settings. There is now an affordable and fast to install option for monitoring of remote locations, secure perimeters and critical infrastructure without the need for network connection.


As ARA Force Protection adapts this military grade technology to commercial security applications we’re very interested in your specific application needs. Sensor kits can be ordered with or without a base station computer and in varying quantities. Contact us today to discuss the application you have in mind.


2.25” H X 2.5 W plus a 2.75” antenna (about the size of a coffee cup)

Each sensor weighs approximately 11 ounces


Suitable for environments -25F to 120F

Waterproof and dustproof

Able to decipher between foot and/or vehicle traffic


“Soldiers are highly enthusiastic about the small, expendable UGS, and are requesting more on an urgent basis.” – Defense


Over 40,000 units have been delivered to the U. S.  forces. Recently incorporated is a “slew to cue” capability allowing high power day/night cameras to monitor activity alerted by the sensors automatically. If desired, ARA Force Protection can integrate a camera alert response or Nighthawk Micro UAV “fly to cue” alert response system depending on customer desires.

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